Wish Default folder when adding files


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When adding files to a project, it seems to just remember the last folder I used anywhere in B4A. For example, the last thing I did was referenced a newer Android.jar file (Tools|Configure Paths) yesterday, but today I went to add a file to my project (Files tab) and it started me in the Android SDK folder that I last used (C:\Android\android-sdk\platforms\android-13).

While it's nice to remember the last used folder, I think it would be nice to just default to the project's root folder, or possibly the project's 'files' folder based on what the user is doing, such as when adding files. The default when referencing Android.jars could be the appropriate root folder of the Android installation.

I realize some people wouldn't like this behavior, so perhaps an option?

Not a huge necessity either way! As awesome as B4A is, I feel like I am down to the little things when it comes to ideas for improvement. :)