Android Code Snippet Delete oldest files, if no free space

If you collect many files - the storage is full sooner or later.
Lets clear device's flash memory, and without complex sorting file names and dates by some special data type or classes...

'delete oldest files, if storage available space percent is getting low (without type containing the file name and date)
Sub Delete_OldestFiles(FolderName As String, MaxFreeSpaceLimit As Int)
    If Get_FreeSpacePercent >= MaxFreeSpaceLimit Then Return
    Dim Files As List = File.ListFiles(FolderName)
    If Files.Size = 0 Then Return
    #if debug
        'testing files from asset
        For i = 0 To Files.Size - 1
            Dim fname As String = Files.Get(i)
            If File.Exists(File.DirInternalCache, fname) = False Then
                File.Copy(File.DirAssets, fname, File.DirInternalCache, fname)
            End If
        FolderName = File.DirInternalCache    'test folder
    #end If
    Dim Dates As List
    Dim const SizePrefixLength As Int = 20
    For i = 0 To Files.Size - 1
        Dim fname As String = Files.Get(i)
        Dim d1 As Long = File.LastModified(FolderName, fname)
        Dim d2 As String = NumberFormat2(d1, SizePrefixLength, 0, 0, False) & "_" & fname    'text combination of size & name
    Dates.Sort(True)    'sorting according to the date (and name)
    For i = 0 To Dates.Size - 1
        Dim fname As String = Dates.Get(i)
        fname = fname.SubString(SizePrefixLength + 1)
        If File.IsDirectory(FolderName, fname) Then Continue
        File.Delete(FolderName, fname)
        If Get_FreeSpacePercent >= MaxFreeSpaceLimit Then
            Exit    'free space is returned
        End If
    Log("Free space after clearing = " & Get_FreeSpacePercent)
End Sub

Sub Get_FreeSpacePercent As Int
    Dim jo As JavaObject
    jo.InitializeNewInstance("", Array(File.DirInternal))
    Dim u As Long = jo.RunMethod("getUsableSpace", Null)    '"getFreeSpace"
    Dim t As Long = jo.RunMethod("getTotalSpace", Null)
    Dim res As Int = (100-((t - u)/t) * 100)
    Return res
End Sub
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