Delivery app source code (type uber but so lite)


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Hello, I finding a delivery app source code to adapt for one customer. Need save all data in a MYSQL database.

With 3 options 1 app to driver 1 app to customer request 1 app (desktop to admin* manager)

If someone has an application of this type I would buy the code to adapt it without third intentions, but I can respect their trademark registrations or development in the envelope.

I could in turn give you my code translated into one or two languages.

Thanks in advance


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I know this is an old topic, but i just found out about it randomly.

i have developed an powerful app that does the below :

1- Online Store : android app
2- Backend software : website
3- delivery app : android app
4- based webservice
5- MSSQL database
6-Sqlite database for the android apps

I have the source code ready for sale + am able to add/edit any feature you would like.

if you are still interested am more than happy to negotiate the price with you :)