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I have updated my SpeechLibDesktop library, originally posted in this thread, at the request of rgately and have created this new thread so that, as with most of my other libraries, it is accessible from the first post of the thread rather than being buried later on.

I have added Pause, Resume and Skip methods that work on an Async voice and have also added VoiceName that returns a description of a voice.

This library is for Desktop only and .NET 2.0 or later. As I have VS2005 I cannot make a Desktop .NET 1.1 application (you need VS2003 for that) but I have included the source in case anyone feels the need. However I strongly advise anyone not running .NET 2.0 on their desktop to install it .NET 2 link - you need it for optimised compilation anyway.

Note that although the source is available this library cannot be merged as a reference is needed to the Interop library at compile time but the Basic4ppc optimising compiler doesn't know this.


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Thanks Agraham,

VoiceName() works flawlessly in my app where I use a loop to gather the voice names and add them to a listbox where the user can then choose a voice by its name.

I thought that SayAsync meant that I could send a new string to the voice synthesizer and it would immediately speak the new string without waiting for the previous string to finish speaking. Maybe I need to add code in the EndedWord event to handle that.

Thanks very much!!!