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I would like to differentiate between left and right mouse clicks when clicking on a b4j Pane. I understand from the docs B4X Basic Language pp 80 which events each object type can activate, but I couldn't find anything on Right - Left differentiation.

I have looked at a number of posts

But I am a bit lost.

Can some one point me in the right direction

Best regards


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Detect Right mouse click:
Private Sub Pane1_MouseClicked (EventData As MouseEvent)
    If EventData.PrimaryButtonPressed =True Then
        Log("Leftmouse clicked!")
    End If
    If EventData.MiddleButtonPressed =True Then
        Log("Midlemouse clicked!")
    End If
    If EventData.SecondaryButtonPressed =True Then
        Log("Rightmouse clicked!")
    End If
End Sub
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