Developer B4x (B4A & B4i) - transport platform

Tomas Petrus

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Hey guys,
we have universal transport platform backed by MongoDB, C# API / json.

Driver aps are B4x
Client aps are B4x

We are growing ... and planing to expand to other regions and grow faster...
and its starting to be ... well ... imposible to do it with so small team... there are a lot of stuff waiting for me to have time ... but its harder and harder to find some... especialy for mobile apps...

So I found myself in fund raising .. financial planing and team building phase ...

Need someone to fill B4x Mobile apps developer position... fulltime ... to take some weight from my shoulder ... we are in Prague.. position will be available aprox in 3-4 months. First few months I think its neccessarry to work in classic office together to learn the ideas.. how to communicate and organize...ourselves.

If you prove that you are better in b4x then me ... Later on I don't care from where u work : )

So right now just checking if there is anybody interested .... so we can start communicate the posibilities, talent, skill and financials : )

Thanks guys : )