Android Question developing for China market


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Found the service that helps to publish apps to CN market, with their rules, payments, social chatting...
Declared all services are for free, just revenue from end-users as 50%\50%.
They have SDKs:
1) China Mobile (CMCC) Billing Kit for In-App Purchase - shared here:

2) SuperSDK All-To-Go Series

3 versions, for various services:
Support Android Native, Unity1 and OpenFL2 platforms
Automatic to integrate AppIDs and AppKeys
Supports Banner Ad3
Support China Mobile billing gateway
Support China Telecom billing gateway
Support China Unicom billing gateway
Support AliPay billing gateway
Support Data Mining
Support Social Login of QQ/WeChat/QZone

Shared here:

So, just for reference - if any Java-guru is interested - would be interesting to have SDK wrapped, at least first one.
Is it possible to wrap if no source code ?