Development of Field Information Collation App (Urgent)


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Hi All,
I need a programmer to help with the mobile side of a project.

It is an app to help collate results and report of elections (for an accociation) taking place symultaneausely in different locations.

1. Will require access login to use
2. 2 different activity pages (1. Result entry page - Enter result and uppload to server, 2. Incident Report - Enter report and upload)
3. App will upload daa to a central database (If there is 3g network upload via 3G, if no 3g network, send result through SMS to the server, if there is no network then store on app local storage and send when there is network.
4. App can receive information via SMS from admin
5. Sent information shall include GPS coordinates of the devise and phone number.


Alberto Michelis

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I can do it but you need to provide more info.
3. which way? a web service? does it working today or we need to develop it?