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A very simple App to monitor the charge of DJI Avata's batteries.

The "smart" charger provided by DJI is now "mandatory" to charge de batteries. You can no longer use standard RC chargers.
And that's a pitty as, if you leave the battery on the charger, it fully charges... without possibility of "storage mode" with a 60% charge.

But clever guys have reversed ingineered the serial protocol between the charger and the battery. So if you put a "man in the middle" you can not only snif the protocol, get all the vital parameters of the charging process but also "kill" the serial link forcing the battery to disconnect when the targeted level is reached :cool:

And you have a "smart smart" charger !

video here (cannot embed it as a media !) :

Discord discussion here (and following messages) :

Aircruiser's excellent source of inspiration :

And a very complex schematics to tell you how difficult the electronics of this project was !

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