Android Question Donate App sales revenue to charity - What's the best way?


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I’m working on an app that will hopefully appeal to animal lovers and intend publishing it (free of charge) on Playstore etc. with a trial period of 30 days.

To continue using it after 30 days, the user must donate a small amount to a particular charity page that I am going to set up on a charity fund raising site (for example The user must then email the receipt number of his/her donation so I can look at my fund raising account and check that the donation was made.

To use the app, the user must first enter his/her email address which will be stored in the Internal directory. This same email address must be used when sending the charity receipt details to me. If a donation was made, I will use a simple app to encrypt/convert the user’s email address to an alphanumeric code which I will email back to the user.

The user will enter the received code into the app and if it decrypts back to his/her email address, the trial period will be cancelled and they will be free to use the app.

The main reasons for offering the app in this way are-

  • Purchasers know they are helping a recognised charity.
  • The money won’t be passing through my hands and attracting the attention of the tax man!

I don’t expect large numbers of users of the app and I realise that I will be spending time checking for receipts, processing the email address and sending the code to the user.
Apart from these, can anyone suggest other problems I might face.

Can anyone think of a better way of distributing the app?
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