Android Question Doubts about scheduled services

Discussion in 'Android Questions' started by Xicu, Jun 26, 2019.

  1. Xicu

    Xicu Member Licensed User

    Hi all,
    someone can answer if these statements are correct?:

    1-There is no command to know directly if the execution of a service has been programmed previously. Is that so?. I must use for example some global variable to control it's state.

    2-If a service was previously scheduled, and I call back 'startserviceatexact' or 'startserviceat', the old scheduled will be overwritten by the new one. Is it like that?

    3-If I call CancelScheduledService and the service has not been programmed before, simply android will ignore the instruction. Correct?

    Thanks in advance!
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  2. DonManfred

    DonManfred Expert Licensed User

    1. Yes, you can not check (if i remember correctly).
    2. Correct.
    3. Correct (if i remember correctly).
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