Android Question DropBox 2018: what is actual files sync way ?

Discussion in 'Android Questions' started by peacemaker, May 26, 2018.

  1. peacemaker

    peacemaker Well-Known Member Licensed User

    HI, All

    I see that many changes were in working with DropBox recent years...
    Please, suggest for current 2018, May:
    1) What is the actual lib\class\code samples to download files from end-user's account in the app ?
    2) What is correct algorithm (DropBox commands steps) for files syncronization, if the periodical file list checking is required and downloading only if any change in each file was made (or new files are found) ?
  2. DonManfred

    DonManfred Expert Licensed User

    1. Dropbox Java
    2. There is no ready solution. You need to do by yourself.
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  3. peacemaker

    peacemaker Well-Known Member Licensed User

    Thanks, Don.
    2) But in whole - how to check files before re-downloading?
    * Listfolder
    * Compare each file's date and size with the saved ones
    * Save date\sizes info of all files
    * Re-download file if changed or new

    Or DropBox has more smart functions to detect changes ?
  4. DonManfred

    DonManfred Expert Licensed User

    Yes. But it requires a Server-Part and a Webhook.
    On the Server-Part you need to react on those Webhooks.

    For example:
    This is a sample call to my webhook. It gives the responsible accounts (where data has been changed) and the users who changed anything.
    Due to this call you need to fetch changes. In my case the webhook is just a small php script which logs the calls to a file.

    In the real case you need to have a javascript webhook which do a listfolder continue call for the given users.
    I can´t help on this as i never setup a javascript server for dropbox or whatever i need to run.
    Check the documentation.
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  5. peacemaker

    peacemaker Well-Known Member Licensed User

    Delta function of v.1 was OK, i guess, strange that it was changed in v.2, and now i do not understand how to use those "cursors" to compare files...
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  6. DonManfred

    DonManfred Expert Licensed User

    lists all Files in the Dropbox. In my version the resultevent gives the latest Cursor in the Error value...
    In my tests the given Cursor was a 750 Bytes long unique string.

    You need to know/remember the dropboxId of the account you are actually using/requesting. And the latest cursor.
    to get the current Account.
    Sub dbxUsers_getCurrentAccount(account As FullAccount)
    "AccountID",account.AccountId) ' This is the ID of the Dropbox used. We want to track them so we need to remember this ID.
        Dim acc As String = account.Name
    Dim parser As JSONParser
    Dim root As Map = parser.NextObject
    Dim abbreviated_name As String = root.Get("abbreviated_name")
    Dim familiar_name As String = root.Get("familiar_name")
    Dim surname As String = root.Get("surname")
    Dim given_name As String = root.Get("given_name")
    Dim display_name As String = root.Get("display_name")

    Log("Name? "&display_name)
    'Log("Name? "&acc.Get("display_name"))
    ListFolder results in an Event. The Lastest Cursor is used in the error-Value.

    Sub dbxFiles_listFolder(success As Boolean, content As List, error As String)
    Log($"dbxFiles_listFolders(${success}, ${content.Size}, ${error.Length} ->  ${error})"$)
    If error.Length = 750 Then
    Log("Cursor to KVS")
    "LatestCursor_"&loggedUserID,error) ' loggedUserID must contain the AccountID
        End If
    If content.Size > 0 Then
    For i = 0 To content.Size-1
    'Dim meta As Metadata = content.Get(i)
    End If
    End Sub
    At appstart(or when authentiucated to Dropbox) you now can use the latest stored Cursor and get the latest content (new Method in v0.42)
    If kvs.ContainsKey("LatestCursor_"&loggedUserID) Then
    Dim latest As String = kvs.Get("LatestCursor_"&loggedUserID)
    Log("Latest Cursor = "&latest)
    End If
    This results in a Event (new too)

    Sub dbxFiles_ListFolderContinue(content As Listcursor As String)
    Log($"dbxFiles_ListFolderContinue(${content.Size}, ${cursor})"$)

    If content.Size > 0 Then
    For i = 0 To content.Size-1
    Dim meta As Object = content.Get(i)
    If GetType(meta) = "com.dropbox.core.v2.files.FileMetadata" Then
    Dim filemeta As FileMetadata = meta
    Log($"FileMeta ${filemeta.Name}, ${filemeta.PathDisplay}"$)
    else if GetType(meta) = "com.dropbox.core.v2.files.FolderMetadata" Then
    Dim foldermeta As FolderMetadata = meta
    Log($"FolderMeta ${foldermeta.Name}, ${foldermeta.PathDisplay}"$)
    else if GetType(meta) = "com.dropbox.core.v2.files.DeletedMetadata" Then
    Dim deletedmeta As DeletedMetadata = meta
    Log($"DeletedMeta ${deletedmeta.Name}, ${deletedmeta.PathDisplay}"$)
    End If
    End If
    Log("LatestCursor to KVS")
    End Sub
    As you can see here the result is parsed into different Objects as there may be different ones in the Result. DeletedMetadata is btw a new Object i wrapped to match the requirements here.
    At the end the given Cursor (it is a new latest cursor) the cursor is updated in the kvs.

    This Event tells you the latest changes.

    I did the tests in my b4j version of the wrapper and in my b4j example. It looks good i think.

    I expect it to work the same in the B4A Version. Note that i need to Update both and release them (not yet done).
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