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Hi all,

I've been busy coding various projects with basic4android and would like to showcase my latest 2D game programming efforts with a remake of the classic duck hunting game from 1984 - Nintendo Duck Hunt.

A video of it working can be seen here:
Basic4Android - Duck Hunt game example by Colin Ord, 2012 - YouTube




B4A Notes:
- Uses numerous imageviews for holding the animated bitmaps and finding shot duck!
- soundpool for sounds (MP no good for quick shooting sounds)
- timers - for pauses, animation, soundeffects etc
- simple waypoints system for flight path.
- framed animation (duck flapping, dog laughing)
- duck faces in the correct direction of flight
- one duck game or two duck game (2 duck game not currently working correctly)
- intro screen and music
- scoring
- lives (3 missed shots = life lost)
- dog animations (sorry, you still can't shoot the dog!)

Hope you like the video and gameplay and hopefully it'll inspire others to start creating games using this brilliant programming tool.

I probably won't release the code as its very messy and also the game uses original sprite sheets and sounds found from around the net so can't release it commercially either :(

n.b. I started this project mainly because there isn't much talk of games being produced and I wanted to show that it can be done!

Please let me know your thoughts guys and who knows, I might release the code if anyone is 'really' keen on this project.


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Looking very good Colin. Used to love that game.
As you say, there isn't much mention of games in b4a so hopefully this will spur some others on.

Well Done


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FREE GIFT - Source code for Duck Hunt remake (unfinished game)

Hi all,

I had so many replies from people wanting to know how I made the Duck Hunt remake game, so as promised I have decided to make the source code available within the public domain.

The source is rather messy but should be readable enough for you to work out what is happening.

Some other information regarding what components it uses can be found on my website

Have fun, and keep me posted if you develop this any further.



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Thank you!

Thank you so much for posting this mmi.

The more code and information available for writing games for android the better. It's worth noting that 50% of the top paid apps on Google play are games, and nearly as many on the free apps list.

For those interested in making money, 90% of the top 50 grossing apps are games. So it's really important to develop Basic4Android to be a tool for writing games as well as applications in order for it to continue to grow.