Dungeon master style game for Android


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Hi all.

I recently bought a Samsung Galaxy S phone and have since tried to find a dungeon crawler game on the Android Market and haven't yet found satisfaction.
Would it be possible to produce a Dungeon Master engine in Basic4Android?
I saw that the i-Phone has a dungeon master style game...


Forgive my noobness!

As a freelance graphic artist I have worked on pc games recently and Amiga games back in the 90's...
I am thinking of putting a team together to make a simple and fun Dungeon Master style dungeon crawler....

Thankyou for your time...


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Thanks, but this is not the same type of game I mean, I am referring to Dungeon Master on the Amiga/Atari ST...with it's flip-3D.


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I used to love that on my Amiga... in fact I probably still have a copy in the loft somewhere.