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    I have an app ( for field sales activities and it is currently used in 8 companies on 50 devices (on three languages). The users make orders, visits, surveys etc. and send everything back to company's ERP. There is a web dashboard that shows all sorts of reports and what not.

    I am based in Serbia (East Europe) and the app is used in Bosnia, Bulgaria, Croatia, Montenegro and Serbia with potential clients in Cyprus and Slovenia. The ERPs that are currently supported are Datalab Pantheon ( and Calculus (, but it is fairly easy to connect to any ERP on MSSQL database or any one with a web service interface.

    The app (the entire system) is sold on Software-As-A-Service model and is invoiced on a monthly basis with a minimum period of 12 months for usage. So far, not one of the clients had stopped using the app. All clients seem satisfied with the app (and everything around it). After the first month of usage, there is very little support requests and basically no need to

    I am a developer, and sales is not my game and I find it tiresome, unpleasant and boring, but I realize it is a necessity if I want the business to run. So, I am looking for sales partners that can do the following:
    • help with app translation (currently only languages available are: Bulgarian, English and Serbian/Croatian/Bosnian/Montenegrin: excuse me for putting all of us ExYu in the same basket )
    • learn what app can do and how it works well enough to present it to potential clients
    • find potential clients (most companies using app today are whole-sellers that go from buyer to buyer and check stocks, make new orders, surveys etc., but any company doing anything outdoors can use the app)
    • complete sales (make a presentation, make a quote, follow through, make a contract, invoice to end client)
    • provide first line of support (answer end-user's questions "how do I do this, where is that...", take note of additional requests, problems and fwd them to me)
    • check up on existing clients and find possibilities for additional sales (new features, upgrades, additional requests etc.)
    If you are interested and want to find out details about what is in it for you, PM me or contact me through the web form on .