Android Question Event Calendar2 looks strange


Hi All,

I am new to B4X. In fact, after switching professions long time ago, I am back to coding after about 15 years.

On my voyage of discovery, I was flabbergasted to discover that, gone are the days where you develop a prototype GUI for a potential customer in 15-20 mins -whilst he is chatting with the marketing guys over a coffee-, with IDEs like VB5/6 (or even Java Swing on Netbeans).
I find most contemporary platforms boasting fast app development take you back to the stone-age where you have to write hundreds of lines of code just to come up with the simplest mock GUI. One example is Flutter 2.2 (with all due respect to its developers and fans) which boasts "Use a rich set of fully-customizable widgets to build beautiful native interfaces in minutes". When inquired; to the nice people in those communities, drag-n-drop UI building is a concept from another planet, like.

I cannot recall how i stumbled upon B4X, but at the very outset, given the above backdrop, It is an oasis in Sahara.

Now, my immediate assignment is to develop a cross-platform application of which, a part is an event calendar. I managed to run the code found in on a library called Calendar2, but it gives a weird output; on a Samsung A20S (with Android 10),


an Asus FonePad K019 (on Android 4.4.2) and on the Emulator ( Pixel_3_XL_API_22 ) pic shown in the attachment.

What am I missing? Is there any other Calendar object which has a more native look?

Thank you in advance for your kind advice.