ExcelWriter Module v1.0


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Hi Guys....

Been playing around with this module this week....
It's main purpose is to generate .XLS files from Basic4PPC...
This is v1.0, therefore the funcionality of this module is Basic, but still capable of creating very atractive and complete excelfiles.

A few Bugs have been caught, but still have to workaround them.
The Help File has been updated.
A Demo file has been added...

I hope to have a better working module by the end of the week....But would like to also know what you think of this...
if this is something worth the time, and what features you think a more advanced module sould, if possible, incorporate...


Add pictures, not possible with xml parsing...
Charts are possible but are a bit tricky....will take longer to figure out..

Plase do feedback

EDIT: v1.1 is up, this is a much better version as a few new props were introduced...
Contiguous cells can now be populated, and columns can be resized.
This is without a demo file, as I am mind busted to think of a cool speadsheet to generate.
Maybe tomorow.

EDIT: Both a very Basic and Advanced Demos Apps are in the zip.Also the Module has suffer a light revision, and does work better now.
The enclosed AdvDemo.xls HAS been produced with the advDemo.spb
Untill some feedback is given, I am happy with this and will NOT update this unless I need to for personal purposes.


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Do i make a mistake, or...

Does it only work with the newest version of Basic4ppc (i have 6.80).
I get so much errors..
(all about the arrays)



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I have no way of testing this under any other than 6.90...sorry...
It uses a lot of AddArrayList, and I cannot remember if this is a new keyword or not, but the main reason may be that I am passing more than one value on each sub call....

Any way, new updated version is up!

EDIT: I think Now I know why it doesn't work with 6.80...
From the "What's new..."

"- Improved syntax for working with dynamic objects and dynamic controls.
Instead of writing Control(ControlName, ControlType), it is now possible to write ControlType(ControlName). "
I use alot of Arraylist(arrayname).dosomething instead of Control(Arrayname, ArrayList).dosomething...
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It works in 6.90, but....

Hi Paulo,
You're right. It works in 6.90. But when i create a simple sample. Everything went well, but the Excelsheet is corrupted. (as i try to open it in Excel).
First i get an "maybe" security warning.
Afterwards i get a logfile, like this

XML-PARSERINGSFOUT: Ontbrekende eindcode
De fout treedt op onder of op deze elementstapel:

All the code i used;

Sub Globals
'Declare the global variables here.
End Sub
Sub App_Start
End Sub

Do you have a sample sbp for me (us?)
I realy hopes it'''s going to work, i like the excellink thing......


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Tomorow I will post a fairly complex demo, and will add a "Basic" one too.


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A BasicDemo.spb is made available as well as an advDemo.spb.

The BasicDemo only produces a Blank WorkBook, with the given Name and up to 3 Worksheets.

The AdvancedDemo Produces more complete Workbooks, as the AdvDemo.xls file.
You start of by Naming the WorkBook, and fill-out some OPTIONAL Props.
This Demo produces a WorkBook with one WorkSheet, and the data is taken from a pre-filled table.
Then You need to create some Styles to use in the WorkSheets thus formating the data.
You may need several styles to acomplish the desired effect.After each style is named and created it is added to a combobox, above the Table.
There is an UP/Down control to select the Row, the use the combobox to choose the Style for that particular row.
In this example I am only giving the user the power to change a row, but at code level you can format individual cells with a particular style.
When all rows are given a style, then you can create your XLS file.
And that's that!
See the #1 post for some more info regarding development...


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Hi Cableguy,
at this time you have updated your project?
ther's a possibility for read xls file?