Share My Creation Experimenting with an Arduino and a ST7735R TFT Display

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    Hi guys,

    @Erel asked for a picture of my display after having so promptly created a Library for my TFT 1.8" ST7735R display.

    So after a few successful tests, I decided to create something worthy of EREL's eyes.

    So here I give you a small video of what can be achieved in a very few lines of code, if you put aside the C code block.

    The source code for this image is attached

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    Small Update:
    InitializeSoftware vs initializeHardware

    Using InitializeSoftware is the more versatile schematics wise, as it allows any pins to be used, but it has a downside... its a slow refresh rate!
    Using InitializeHardware forces the chematics to use the SPI pins (basically you use pins from 8 to 13, except pin 12, IF you don't use the built in SD card reader, BUT, it's about 2 to 3 times faster!
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