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I am trying to wrap my head around writing to SD card, or reading file, so I can offer users to exchange data with my app.

Storage.CreateNewFile(Parent as ExternalFile, Name as String) as ExternalFile

I don't understand what to pass to the method as parent. Since SelectDir returns a string, how can I enter the parent ?

In the example program, GetCurrentFolder looks like what I would need, though.

I suppose this will take the result of the method above ?

Storage.OpenOutPutStream(EF as ExternalFile) as Outputstream.

Sorry for being thick. I went through the example program but could not find what I needed.

I would love a snippet showing how that is done.


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This simplified Sub from my mapping application copies a map file from the SD Card to a folder on the internal (external!) storage.
The Folders parameter is a list of folders on the SD Card that comprise the folder tree to traverse.
ExternalFile can reference a folder as well as a file.
Sub CopyMapToDownload(Folders() As String, Filename As String)
    Dim extfolder As ExternalFile
    Dim extfile As ExternalFile
    Wait For Storage_ExternalFolderAvailable
    Dim mapfound As Boolean = False
    Dim extfolder As ExternalFile = Storage.FindFile(Storage.Root, Folders(0))
    If Folders.Length > 1 Then
        For i = 1 To Folders.Length -1
            extfolder = Storage.FindFile(extfolder, Folders(i))
    End If
    If extfolder.IsInitialized Then
        Dim extfile As ExternalFile = Storage.FindFile(extfolder, Filename)
        If extfile.IsInitialized Then
            Dim out As OutputStream = File.OpenOutput(File.DirRootExternal, Starter.MapTempDestination, False)
            mapfound = True
        End If
    End If
    If Not (mapfound) Then
        Dim msg As String = "Map " & Filename & " not found!"
        Msgbox2Async(msg, "Missing Map", "OK", "", "", Null, True)
    End If    
End Sub
I haven't used CreateNewFile but you pass it an ExternalFile object for the folder in which to create the file as in File.FindFile above.
I don't think that you can create a new folder with the Storage class, you can only reference existing ones.
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I don't think that you can create a new folder with the Storage class
Not directly but using Javaobject you can. Not all methods are implemented in the Class.


' Get DocumentDir
    Dim docs As JavaObject = GetDocumentdDir(PersistantUri)
    ' Check if Destfolder Test already exists.
    Dim chkTest As ExternalFile = Storage.FindFile(Storage.Root,"Test")
    If chkTest.IsInitialized = False Then
        'create the Folder "Test"
    End If
    ' Search the created Folder in the Storage Rootdir (we need to have a reference to it)
    Dim Test As ExternalFile = Storage.FindFile(Storage.Root,"Test")
    ' define destfile
    Dim destfile As ExternalFile = Storage.CreateNewFile(Test,filetocopy)
    ' Create an Outputstream to the destfile
    Dim os As OutputStream = Storage.OpenOutputStream(destfile)
    ' Create an Inputstream from the Sourcefile to copy
    Dim inpstr As InputStream  = File.OpenInput(File.Combine(File.DirRootExternal,"Download/"),filetocopy)
    ' Copy file
    ' Close Outputstream
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