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Thanks to Erel for a great IDE, and to all for the support!

Mark :)

Mark Turney

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Updated v1.0.7 - A few bug fixes, plus a rotation button added to accommodate some android phones where the image was rotated after captures. Stores the rotation value permanently.


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Once I press snap picture there is no way going back to main screen
I do not understand option to reset to defaults.
I have been tring to save new face and it say the name is already in the contacts though I have tried diferent names
I do not understand filter icon seems like performing a back action
I do not understand why practice last day ...last week ..or moth ..what is that I have to practice in the app ... I expect to take a picture to a familiar faces and
save it ...why can I not save to a database and not to phone adresses
If I have to practice maybe you put option to edit pictures aply filters maybe you have them with the filter button but it seems not to be woking you should tel me .