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Alexander Stolte

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My problem was, i want a Instagram saver who only focuses on quickly downloading an image, video or an entire collection, without a gallery, descriptions, likes and without all other nonsense features/informations.
Currently only public content can be downloaded.
Currently i don't show ads.

Download it from Google Play
Faster Insta Saver-feature-graphic neu.png

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Thanks @Brandsum for his ximageslider

-Save videos and pictures in your gallery
-Share the link from instagram directly to the app
-Simply use, No login required (only for non private profiles)
-Fast download speed
-Save Multiple photos and videos (Download All Button from a collection)

How To Use (as fast as possible)
-Click on a Instagram Post on "Share Via"
-Choose "Faster Insta Saver"
-Click "Download" or "Download All"
-Done ✔

How To Use
-Copy Instagram Post URL to the clipboard
-Open "Faster Insta Saver"-App
-Paste the URL to the textfield
-Click "Download" or "Download All"
-Done ✔