B4A Library FileSelect Library With Type Icons

Attached is Version 1.02 of my File Selecting library. It includes type icons for most every type of file, creates a selection list which can be collected and produces thumbnails on the fly of image files. Copy the .jar and .xml file to your XtraLibs folder.

Requires: Reflections Library 2.4+, the Reflection lib does not need to be checked in the Libs tab but must be included in your XtraLibs folder or whatever path you have set for them.

Thanks to Stevel05 it moves more swiftly throughout!

Below are a few screen shots and some sample code.

Sub Globals
    Dim FS As FileSelect
    FS.Initialize(Activity, Me, True, 0dip, 0dip, 500dip, 600dip)
End Sub
Sub Activity_Create(FirstTime As Boolean)
End Sub
'Be sure to include this sub in your Activity. This sub
'is called by the Library once a file is selected.
Sub File_Selected(FileName As String, PathAndFile As String)
    Msgbox(FileName, PathAndFile)
End Sub


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Douglas Farias

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@margret have you die? many questions about your lib and any answer :confused:
1° have or no mutiple file select option on this lib?
2° how to change the images and menu color?