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    The help for Table control says this:

    You can add conditions using AND, OR:
    Table1.Filter ("colApples = 8 AND colFirstName = 'John'")

    I'm using OR to filter the contents of four columns which may contain a keywords, in any of the columns, and I want to get all the lines which contain that keyword.

    The keyword is defined in a string "st".

    If St <> "" Then rcptdb.Filter("Ing1='" & st & "'" OR "Ing2='" & st & "'" OR "Ing3='" & st & "'" OR "Ing4='" & st & "'")

    when compiling for desktop or device I get the attached error , running in IDE goes fine without errors.
    If I cut the filter sentence to eliminate the other options - it compiles:
    rcptdb.Filter("Ing1='" & st & "'" )

    I'll appreciate a hint ...:BangHead:

    Edit: Found it myself , it should be like this, where the OR is part of the condition string:

    If St <> "" Then rcptdb.Filter("Ing1='" & st & "' OR Ing2='" & st & "' OR Ing3='" & st & "' OR Ing4='" & st & "'")
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