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    Hi everyone
    I am trying to pass some info to excel
    Excel must be open and the cursor in the starting cell
    I want to pass eg. 12.005 plus a Enter character Chr(13) to move to the next cell
    I have used Dzt usefull library dzHW-3 and changed the test program and i have partial sucsess
    dz.bringwindowTo Front needs the the name to be spot on
    if i use dz.BringWindowToFront("Microsoft Excel - Book1")
    then it works
    but if I change the file name in excel it no longer works.
    how would i use
    r = FindWindowLike(hWnds(), 0, "Microsoft Excel*", "XLMAIN", Null)
    to find the correct name for the window, when the file name Book1 changes
    how do I pass enter (chr(13)) i get an error when i try
    error= input string was not in correct format
    I have looked at Winuser.h and it may as well be writen in some strange language, because I simply don't understand it at all.

    Please can someone help
    thanks Friedrich

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