Android Question Firebase Admob Test ID sample source


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I am a beginner to try b4a and Android programming for the first time.

The current b4a version is 9.01.2.

Information about admob is scattered all over the place and I have difficulty understanding it.

Can I get a complete sample source of firebase admob using test id?


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to prevent accidental clicks during (debug mode) development I use it like this
(placed at the top in the variables so that I don't need to touch the rest of the class source when using it in another project)

#if debug
 Dim admobInterstitialID As String="ca-app-pub-3940256099942544/1033173712" 'test ID
    Dim admobInterstitialID As String="ca-app-pub-.../..." 'your interstitial placement id
#end if

the rest can be found in Erel's example.
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