First attempts at the door dll..


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Hi Erel...

Started palying with the door lib, i figured it was about time to do so...

I sucessfully added an event to one control...
But how can we add sveveral events and controls?

Imagine a few panels to wich i wish to add the click event...

How to do it with seperate click events?
How tod it with only one common event?


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The Door library treats events fairly simplistically. You need an Event object for each control/event pair. So three Panels and two events on each will need six Event objects. You will need six event Subs called, to avoid confusion, something like Panel1Click_NewEvent where Panel1Click is the name of the Eevent object. All these could of course be a single line call to a common handler passing the Panel nameas a parameter.

It would be possible to make the Door library more sophisticated and make an Event object share events and objects but the object of the Door library was to fill small gaps, not to plug big holes - for that you should use a library.