First Program and Wish LIst


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My first program is a simple use of ListView to view 275 names/phone#s parsed in from a text file. Once I got over the differences between B4PPC and B4A, the programming itself was a breeze.

I would like to thank Erel (he who never sleeps) for the initiative and genius in developing B4A, making Android programming so accessible. Thanks also to all the Beta testers for all their efforts, and to the fantastic support of the online community. Special thanks to Andrew for the many useful libraries he has developed already.

Now the wish list. I feel somewhat like a spoiled child asking for more, but this IS the Bugs & Wishlist forum . . .

I could use the ability to scroll a ListView in code, along with the ability to identify and set the first item viewed.

Secondly, a multi-column version of ListView would be useful. If not, some type of table view, preferably with "clickable" cells. Even an implementation of GridView would be very useful. Or all of the above :)

It is not likely to ever happen, but in my dream world I would be able to set the formatting of each cell independently (font, background color, etc.).

Don't get me wrong. What I have already is great and very well worth the money and effert to learn it!