Share My Creation Flow - Project Management [Source Code for Sale]

Hello everyone :)

Some of you may already know my big Project Management - Flow.
Many users were interested in this project but since i had no attention to sell it i did not offer it on the Forum until today!

So what can you do with Flow?

1 - Create/Manage Employees
2 - Create/Manage Costumers/Companies
3 - Create/Manage Projects
4 - Create/Manage Tasks for each Project and responsible employee
5 - Create events month/week/day (Calendar)
6 - SQLite Database (simple but powerful)
7 - Add Notes

and many many more things.

It can also be used to manage your Project. As a developer i had difficulties to manage my projects since the TODO text files amount only grow and was not easy to manage.
This tool is a must for every developer, it will help you a lot to manage your project and measure your progress.

What you will get?

1 - Flow (Full Source Code Project) that is working!
2 - User Creator App (An app to create login users - Full Source Code)

So you will get the full source of both apps so you can make your own improvements and fit it to your own needs.

Note: The Source is really big and may contains some bugs. I sell it as is but again i am using it so it is working.


pm1.png pm2.png pm3.png pm4.png pm6.png

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