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    A cool first project, from another newbie
    This one is based on the phone library
    Two large buttons to call loved one or friend
    And a large time read out.
    I use this one when my dog takes me for a walk.
    When I receive a call, it only takes one hand to handle the phone.
    It auto answers. All you have to do is put it to your ear and talk.
    When they hang up it will acknowledge and wait for the next call.
    The top button will expand the bottom button to hide the call buttons.
    This way they can not be accidentally pressed.
    And it makes a nice clock just click the clock to update
    It was written for two phones, by pressing who at the bottom it will change the Left heart button to call the other person. I left the numbers blank all you have to do is enter your numbers and a couple of jpgs and away you go.

    It would be nice if it had a button to take pictures, and a GPS tracker to total up the distance, dog and I travel. Maybe this will be my next project

    After about a month I figured it out, very challenging
    And a big thanks to these forums

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