Android Question force view when paused


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once again I am probably asking the obvious, my app has sensitive data that I do not want to be seen when the device has been left, so no problem as I have a six digit pass code screen that is automatically called on activity resume. the problem is that in most devices there is a way to see all the current paused apps so you can quickly jump to them, although as I said above the passcode screen is triggered on resume when you see the thumbnail of all the paused activities you can still make out some of the sensitive data, on a tablet it would be much easier to read.

I tried to call the routine to show my secure page on activity pause but this does not alter the screen that is shown.

is there a way to force what is seen when you view all current apps. the resume is not a problem but I just need to change it to the passcode screen before it pauses I guess.

hope that makes sense.