forelayer drawing flashing and jumping

Discussion in 'Basic4ppc Wishlist' started by hung, Aug 22, 2007.

  1. hung

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    When I set form1.forelayer = true, then draw background on form1, and drawimage on forelayer, doesn't matter I use form1.refresh or drawer.refresh2, the screen is flashing.

    However if I don't set forelayer and draw both background and image on form1 (background layer), I have to use form1.refresh (drawer.refresh2 does not work?) but then no flahsing.

    I guess it is due to forelayer and background layer are refreshed seperatly so I see background refresh covers forelayer (forelayer off), then forelayer refresh (forelayer on).

    Hope this performancce (flashing) issue can be solved in next version. Then I can use forelayer to draw smooth animation.

  2. tsdt

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    I find that this issue is rather annoying as well. I am developing a program to test the product, and it flashes so much that other people thought that it is the matter of the product. In which case, I have to explain to the is the program that cause this problem (rather embarrassing). I was wondering is there anyway I could overcome this?

    I noticed that small screen is ok, but, when it reaches bigger screen, it is having a lot of problems.

    Any idea?