[FREE] ooVoo VideoConferencing Library


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This library wraps the ooVoo Android SDK: https://developer.oovoo.com/

ooVoo is a service that allows you to make multi-way video conferences. It is quite easy to use and all the video handling and transmission is done by the SDK itself so you dont have to write much code.

You can have upto 12 participants in the video conference and you can add more if you contact ooVoo. They are also flexible on the video plans.

In my experience it is very stable, adaptive, video quality is great. Their support is also very good.
There is no other VideoConferencing solution in B4A to date.

B4A Wrapper information

You can read the integration document before trying it here: ooVoo B4A Integration

This library is donationware.
Please consider a minimum donation of £15.
Please use this link to donate. Do not use a different link.
Donate £15 for ooVoo VideoConferencing SDK.
You dont need to use money to make a donation, if you feel you have an alternative marketable skill or asset let me know. Or contact me to get it free if you have a good reason.

The above document contains all the information you need.
You will receive the B4A wrapper/SDK files and samples.
You will need to register at the ooVoo Developer Portal to get your AppID and AppToken.

Here is the link to the ooVoo library and samples:
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Version: 0.99
  • ConferenceCore
    • CameraTurnedOff
    • CameraTurnedOn (ErrorCode as String As , Width as Int As , Height as Int As , FPS as Int As )
    • JoinConference (Error as String As , ParticipantID as String As )
    • LeftConference
    • ParticipantJoinedConference (ParticipantID as String As , ParticipantInfo as String As )
    • ParticipantLeftConference (ParticipantID as String As )
    • ParticipantVideoReceiveOff (ParticipantID as String As )
    • ParticipantVideoReceiveOn (ParticipantID as String As , Width as Int As , Height as Int As )
    • Pause
    • Resume
    • CreatePreviewSurface (pPanel As PanelWrapper)
    • CreateVideoSurface (pPanel As PanelWrapper, ParticipantID As String)
    • DebugLogs (enable As Boolean)
    • GetCameraList As List
    • GetSpeakerList As List
    • InitApp (ApplicationID As String, AppToken As String, BaseUrl As String)
    • Initialize (pEventName As String)
    • JoinConference (ConfID As String, ParticipantID As String, ParticipantInfo As String)
    • LeaveConference
    • Pause
    • Resume
    • SelectCamera (CameraNum As Int)
    • SelectCameraParams (ResolutionLevel As Int, fps As Int)
    • SelectSpeaker (Speaker As Int)
    • SetCameraResolution (ResolutionLevel As Int)
    • receiveParticipantVideoOff (ParticipantID As String)
    • receiveParticipantVideoOn (ParticipantID As String)
    • turnCameraOff
    • turnCameraOn
    • turnMicrophoneOff
    • turnMicrophoneOn
    • turnPreviewOff
    • turnPreviewOn
    • turnSpeakerOff
    • turnSpeakerOn
    • turnVideoTransmitOff
    • turnVideoTransmitOn
    • ConferenceCore As ConferenceCore [read only]
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One Question: When can i donate? :D


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Hi thedesolatesoul, I really appeciate your work. Just made a donation. Looking forward to play with the lib.


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Hi @thedesolatesoul . This moorning i reading this:

Announcing SDK Version 2.0.
Communications Evolved

New Extensible API
We've refactored our API to make it more robust and allow the addition of new features much quicker than ever before.
Support for Plugins
Create your own video effects to enhance your users' experience using video sources/sinks.
Increased Performance
Squeeze every last ounce of performance out of your devices with hardware accelerated video on iOS and lower cpu usage on all devices across the board.

Do you think of update library ?


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Hi, i will donate for you. How step to get your lib ?
See post #1 for the link...
Look for the link behind
Donate £15 for ooVoo VideoConferencing SDK.
the link will guide you to paypal to donate for the Library.

You then can @thedesolatesoul a personal message with your payment details if you want...

But i´m sure you will get answer soon from him after donating. Please note that he is busy at the moment. Give him a few days to react