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SubName: FreezeOrientation

Description: There are times such as when processing data with a progress bar in a class, that you may want to temporarily stop the user from being able to rotate the device as it's difficult to rebuild the Gui in the middle of a process. These subroutines will get the current rotation and fix it, until it's released.

I've tested it on a Nexus 7 and it works OK. It uses getRotation which is only available from API 8 as getOrientation will return -1 (unspecified) if it is not explicitly set. This is then mapped to the required orientation.

It'll be interesting to see if these codes are consistent on other devices.

Sub FreezeOrientation
    Dim Orient As Int
    Select GetOrientation
        Case 0
            Orient = 1            'Portrait
        Case 1
            Orient = 0            'Landscape
        Case 2
            Orient = 9            'Reverse Portrait
        Case 3
            Orient = 8            'Reverse Landscape
    End Select
End Sub

Sub GetOrientation As Int
  Dim r As Reflector
  r.Target = r.GetContext
  r.Target = r.RunMethod2("getSystemService", "window", "java.lang.String")
  r.Target = r.RunMethod("getDefaultDisplay")
  Return r.RunMethod("getRotation")
End Sub

Sub ReleaseOrientation
End Sub

Depends on: Phone , Reflection

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