Android Question FTP.UploadFileSet not working with multiple file masks


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I am looping through a data set from SQL Lite to get the image names that are to be uploaded to my server. All images are in File.DirRootExternal.

for i=0 to jCursor.rowCount-1
strImages=strImages & File.DirRootExternal & "/*" & imageName & ","
'' to remove final comma
FTP.SetCompletedUploadDialog(True,"Uploads Completed...")
FTP.UploadFileSet("/uploads/",Array As String(strImages),false)

This returns an error: Invalid Directory Name. Aborting. Even though the files are located in the
File.DirRootExternal directory.

However, if I just use one file mask with the same syntax as above then all worked fine.

Until the error ErrnoException: Open Failed: EISDIR (Is a directory) started appearing every time.

I saw the forum response regarding clearing the cache but am not sure how to do this or if that is the actual cause.

Any thoughts would be greatly appreciated.

Thank you,