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    This library make the "Full Press-Drag-Release Gesture" in javafx avaliable for B4J. It is not the same as jDragAndDrop or jDragAndDrop2, witch is perfect if you want to drag an object from one place to another.

    This library makes is possible to add the following events to a view:
    • DragDetected(EventData As MouseEvent) as boolean
    • MouseDragEntered(EventData as MouseEvent)
    • MouseDragExited(EventData as MouseEvent)
    • MouseDragOver(EventData as MouseEvent)
    • MouseDragReleased(EventData as MouseEvent)
    The builtin MouseDragged event always raise on the view where the drag-gesture was started, however the MouseDragEntered, MouseDragExited, MouseDragOver and MouseDragReleased is raised on the view under the mouse cursor

    The attached example depends on jDragAndDrop2. (The FullDragRelease library does not depend on jDragAndDrop2)

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