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Mathematical game competition. The faster, the higher the score!​

Bad Math is a game of mathematical competition, in which the score is assigned by the level and difficulty (phase). At the end of every difficulty remaining time is added to the competitor's score. At each stage issues become more complex.

What to expect:
- The game uses the four basic operations (addition, subtraction, multiplication and division);
- Operations are exchanged for other symbols in advanced stages;
- Time savings vary according to the stage;
- More complex issues arise in easier levels to test your skills;
- When setting questions in sequence, your multiplier increases;
- Possible to buy time packages during the game.

Challenge your friends and see who is the best scorer world!

Have a good time!


Libs used: InAppBilling3, FirebaseAdMob, MESShareLibrary, RatingBar, OkHttpUtils2 (ranking and nickname)


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An Schi

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Nice game! I played till lvl 1-10 and had fun.

Maybe one thing: when something new happens you could show a tiny message, like
'From this round on * and ÷ will appear mixed up'
And so on...