Android Question Geocoder address1(0).FeatureName problem


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Using the code shown below FeatureName always returns the street address even when in a known location. That is, if I'm near or in a building like "Phillips Library" which appears on Google Maps by that name only the address is shown, e.g. "47". All other address information is displayed correctly. How do I get the name rather than the numeric address?

Sub Geocoder1_GeocodeDone(Address1() As Address, Tag As Object)
 AddressLbl.Text = "Feature: " & Address1(0).FeatureName & ", Thoroughfare: " & _
  Address1(0).Thoroughfare & " " & Address1(0).Locality & " " & _
  Address1(0).AdminArea & " " & Address1(0).CountryCode
End Sub