Get row count in SQL?

Discussion in 'Questions (Windows Mobile)' started by N1c0_ds, Oct 23, 2008.

  1. N1c0_ds

    N1c0_ds Active Member Licensed User

    I need to get the total row count for the "Main" table in my SQL DB but can't find out how to get it.

    I made a touch scrollbar for Gecko that gets 12 entries from an offset determined by the Mousedown coordinates and displays them with FDrawString.

    This is how I get the OFFSET value for my query:
    Then I do this to display 12 results I will show with Drawstring on my Form (The background image is the UI)

  2. Ricky D

    Ricky D Well-Known Member Licensed User

    what count?

    Do you want a count of all entries?

    If so then use

    SQLCmd.CommandText="SELECT Count(Name) From Main"

    it will be returned in reader's getvalue(0) item after you set the reader to SQLCmd's executereader method

    if you're going to apply a Where clause then add it like this

    SQLCmd.CommandText="SELECT Count(Name) From Main Where <fieldname>='something or other'"

    regards, Ricky
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