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  1. Herbert Souza

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    Friends, I need some help here, I'm new in basic 4 android, it seems to be simple but I can not solve, I have a processing, and print it on a map, but I need to save that too in a text file. This processing returns 5 keys, I need to save only 1 key in a txt file, how would I do?

    My current code is this:

    Sub myOCR_ExtractedText_Response(OCRdata As Map)

    For I = 0 To (OCRdata.Size - 1) / 5
    Msgbox(OCRdata.Get("Text_" & I), "Resultados Obtidos")
    File.Writemap(File.DirRootExternal, "Herbert.txt", OCRdata)       
    End Sub
    As I said it returns 5 values (keys), in this case it is printing the TEXT_0 value in the map, I want to save only this in my .txt file

    Attached I leave my txt file as it is being printed now.

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  2. Cableguy

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    Ola Herbert, na linha onde escreves o file coloca uma condicao para que so escreva o "TEXT_0", algo como:

    If I=0 Then File.Writemap(File.DirRootExternal, "Herbert.txt",OCRdata.Get("Text_" & I))
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  3. Herbert Souza

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    Cableguy muitíssimo obrigado.