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  1. HARRY

    HARRY Active Member Licensed User


    Does somebody know what the exact meaning is of the follwing text:

    dzHW: GetProcesses: Returns in a table of string the names of active processes.

    Does it return the names in a string or in a table?

    If I let the function return the names in a string, the resulting string = "Array"

    If I give a table name as the destination of the result, I cannot get it working.

    Only if I let the function return the result in an array, it works well. Then the only problem is to find the resulting number of elements in that array.

    Please a little bit of help.

  2. Louis

    Louis Active Member Licensed User

    Hi there. GetProcesses returns in an array string of the currently running processes. To find the number of the processes, use Basic4ppc's ArrayLen() function. E.G.
    Sub Globals
    dim proc(0) as string
    End Sub
    Suv App_Start
    roc() = dzhw.GetProcesses
    for i = 0 to ArrayLen(proc())-1
    end Sub
    This code shows all running processes, each one pops up in a message box.
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