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Hello everybody,

I'm facing an issue regarding the way to get the day of week depending on Android version. I googled as I can do, but with no usefull result, may be my search is not in the right scope ...

For some personal reasons I use some very new and also some very old new-stock smartphones (at a very low price) for my home automation system, but the installed Android version is also old new-stock: 4.4.4 in the second case.

The problem is when I try to get the day of week with "DateTime.GetDayOfWeek(DateTime.Now)" depending of Andorid version I get a different value (one day shift ...).

I'm probably wrong somewhere (may be the SDK version), but if anyone could help me to fix or turnaround this issue it will be very appreciate

Try to have the most beautifful summer days all of you !

(My environment : very latest version of B4A and SDK 29)