iOS Question Getting iPhone UDID with Windows 7 and USB cable

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Here is a way to get iPhone UDID from Windows:

If you are on Windows:

You can use this method:

A: Plug the iPhone into a computer and use the registry

  1. Using a USB cable connect your iPhone to any Windows computer. I am using Windows 7, but it should be similar when using other versions of Windows.
  2. IMPORTANT: in the following steps DO NOT modify anything, as changing the registry might break your Windows installation.
  3. Start Regedit (e.g. by clicking on the Start button, and typing “RegEdit” in the search field)
  4. Navigate to the following key: HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE\SYSTEM\CurrentControlSet\Enum\USB (it’s basically a folder structure)
  5. You will see all USB devices in there — find the one that’s your iPhone. It might say “Apple iPhone”, in my case it had a cryptic name, so I had to open all sub folders under “USB”. However on the level below there’s already a folder with a 40-character string and by selecting that it says “Friendly Name” = “Apple iPhone”.
  6. Copy (DO NOT MODIFY) that name (e.g. right clicking and selecting “Copy Key Name”). When you paste it in a text editor, the UDID is the last 40 characters.
  7. Here’s a screenshot of RegEdit:

(edited Feb2 2018: All iPhones or iPads that were ever connected to this computer will show up in this list)
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