Wish Good practice and boilerplate


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I love B4X, easy and fast to make Android and iOS apps.
And the support from Erel it so great a Wonderful added value, invaluable.

But our community need to be more organized. I'm not talking about the forums.

B4x need a tool like NPM, where have a libraries ready to add with a simple command or list, good documentation and why not the forum for that library.
The forum I feel is not the more optimized solution.

And I know on the forum we have a lots of very good examples from Erel and the other guys.

But we need to build a basic standard for the boilderplate, not only for just work.
We need good practices from the Boilerplate.

Basic DB Connection (SQLite, Mysql, MSSql).
DB Abstraction.
DB (Local, Remote and sync).
API to Connect to remote db, not DBC.
API example with CRUD.
API example to upload files.
API Example to download files.
Multi languaje support on the boilerplate.
Maps API connect.
Camera and other sensor ready to use on the same and standard way with good comments.
Error tracking and report.

All I talk is ready on B4x, just need organization or I'm crazy?