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i have followed this tutorial without any error:

1) already have google play services (revision 19)
2) copy google analytics library v4 under lib folder
2) creted the xml file with my tracking code
3) Created the folder and moved the file: Objects/res/xml/analytics.xml read only.
4) initializated the tracker and set a screenview.

is normal that i don't see "real time users" of my app under Real time section in Google analytics?
I get no errors while compyling or running my app and found that two files has been created inside named gaclientID and gaclientDATA.
I know that i will have to wait one day for the other statistics but, this might seems stupid, but i cant tell if analytics is working or not in my app :s :p

UPDATE: On other account (web page) i can see online users, in this case only myself, so i guess that something is not woriking correctly.

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