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    TWELVE Active Member Licensed User


    i'm using a dial-up internet connection ( GPRS/UMTS(3G)) on the device.Sometimes it happens, that the dial-up connection itself is established, but no data can be transmitted or received.The connection appears to hang and neither the GPRS/UMTS phone nor the PPC recognizes this.

    Until now just the WM controls my internet connection, i.e. i just access some host/IP in the internet and WM takes care of the connection.

    - is there a way within B4P to control the dial-up connection ?

    My plan is to disconnect from internet and re-establish the dial-up connection in these situations.At present i end up with my app not sending out any data due to the hung connection.


  2. miataman

    miataman Member Licensed User

    I have the same problem,
    the connexion GPRS is breakable/fragile (device in the car for example)
    should be an API/instruction for to stop/breaking the connexion GPRS !
    to make a new request since the application 4PPC
  3. Cableguy

    Cableguy Expert Licensed User

    I believ that using one of Agraham dll it should be possible to call upon the CommManager and send systm messages to it, closing a partiular conection and re-estaleshing it...
    but I never done that, so I'm just speculating....
  4. miataman

    miataman Member Licensed User

    mummm nothing in Additional Libraries ?:confused:
  5. agraham

    agraham Expert Licensed User

    I don't know of anyway to do this, but don't take that as absolutely definitive as I know little about mobile data connections.
  6. Cableguy

    Cableguy Expert Licensed User


    I was under the imprecion that one of your dll could mimick the Key precess on application, by sending them the correspondent message(?)
  7. miataman

    miataman Member Licensed User

    for me is blocking under 4PPC !

    My application must send the location GPS all 60 sec by GPRS on our server.

    The customers being on the road, gprs connection is sometimes lost
    a few moments !
    at the request HTTP for the update, an occurrence error is displayed !
    but I can not restart GPRS connexion, the application aborted in error.

    I can not find solution :(
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  8. agraham

    agraham Expert Licensed User

    I'm afraid not. KeyPress in the Hardware library can send characters to the control with the focus on a B4ppc form. dzHW can send low-level Windows messages to other apps if they are running in another window and so have a message loop. Somebody else may know of others that I can't remember/don't know.
  9. agraham

    agraham Expert Licensed User

    Your app does not have to abort when an error occurs. You can trap the error using ErrorLabel. For a description of error handling see the help for my Exceptions library here. You don't need this library to actually handle exceptions, but you will need it if your code needs to identify what sort of exception occurred.
  10. miataman

    miataman Member Licensed User

    Thanks Agraham,

    I use your bibiothéque Exceptions handling library in my application !
    but if this error / exception is trap during the request HTTP
    (example : bug connexion GPRS) , I can :

    - display occurence error and stop the application (it does not suit me).

    - wait a further 60 sec , a new request HTTP will be sent
    (but if connexion GPRS is broken, I do not think a new GPRS connection
    is launched automatically by object 'WebRequest' , the application will run but I would not have the location GPS user in my server !)

    sorry for my english :sign0013:
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