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i was not abble to display the latitude ang longitude then i click button. can somebody help me
my code

Sub Button6_Click
If gps1.GPSEnabled=False Then
ToastMessageShow("Please enable your device's GPS capabilities", True)
gps1.Start(0, 0)
ProgressDialogShow("Waiting for GPS location")
gpsStarted = True
End If
End Sub

Sub gps_LocationChanged (gpsLocation As Location)
Msgbox("LATI:" & gpsLocation.Latitude,"")
Msgbox("LONG:" & gpsLocation.Longitude,"")
End Sub


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i was not abble to display
1. Why are you posting 2 threads that are the same.
2. Why aren't you using code tags. My goodness, you have been a member for over 3 years with several threads. It should be common knowledge. Is it out of disregard to other members.
3. Use Msgbox2Async, not MsgBox
4. Now I let someone else answer your GPS question. I do not work with GPS.
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