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hey all, got another question.

long story short, we have a family friend who has quite successful hairdressing store.

we have been talking, and we came up with an idea that i'd make an app as part of my learning how to program. that her clients can download on android phones, and then when they open it they have few stuff on there, for example, short blog/news feed, and also a booking option.

so they would get some calendar in there, where they could see which hours/days are already booked, and then be able to book on available hours

so how would i go about making this?

i guess her app would be different right, because it would be kind of "admin" app, so i guess she could get all that info into google calendar app?
but how would clients book within their apps? and they would obviously need to sync into her calendar somehow. would it be best if i'd just avoid using google calendar app and just stick with some custom calendar that would just be part of this hairdressing app?

i mean i obviously need some libraries right? any help would be really appreciated, im a beginner, and this would kind of be my first app... is it too big of a challenge?


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Hi and welcome to the forum. As you want a bit more in your app (blog/news feed) you need some central space where to store all the info's/pic's you want to show in your app. Here you need a server with a database (seems worse than it is, including a library and use it is quite easy).

Before you have to learn how b4a works because it is hard to understand that all at once.

Did you develop an b4a app, yet?
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i did not do an app yet with b4a, i followed few tutorials on that quick start pdf guide yes, but i didnt make anything of my own, i was thinking that this could be the maiden app, or are those goals set too high?

that blog/news feed is kind of secondary, main purpose of the app would be to book a hairdressing service, via calendar. so there would need to be calendar inside the app, and booked times would be colored in red for example, and available times would be in green, and then you could book available times.

and the hairdresser (my friend) would see that on her phone, get notification, etc... and i would get like 0.5€ from one appointment or something in lines of that.
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