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Excuse me for the bad English. It is me important, to have control over the Keyboard for one new program. I want to get the selected text from one other running application. With Clipboard, ctrl+C , ad then paste with ctrl+V int he new program. I have tried it with KeyPress, bat it is not working. HardwareDesktop.dll is added component, and Hardware is Added Object. KeyPress is not working. The codes under are not working too. What is the problem?

It is not working:
TextBox1.text = Hardware1.GetClipboardData

It is working:

How can I get the selected text from another application? I need help.:sign0085:



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Hi all,

Perhaps I had not good told my question. I want to get the selected text from one other running application, e.g. from mobil pocket program, or word, and then let work my dictionary program with the text. I had written dictionary programs in Visual Basic 6.0 with these method. With only one click one can select one word in the running application, and this is enough for the dictionary program. The dictionary timer look frequently for the new selected text. When new text is selected in the other running application, then the dictionary will translate it, an show in a little textbox ower the running application. It is very useful for fast translate only one word when reading one book in not native language.

I hope we can find together one method to get selected text from an other application.
Please answer for my question.



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