Share My Creation Hashtag Database

I'm finally done with my last project. It is a help for all people who have a lot to do with social media and the problem to find the right hashtags.
Unlike other apps, there are no ready-made groups of hashtags here, but you can select them by keywords from a database. This database contains more than 100,000 hashtags and their frequency of use.

Further features are:
- a translator in more than 100 languages
- Suggestion function for further words based on keywords
- Create your own groups of hashtags for reuse
- a Social Media Holidays calendar, which shows the most used hashtags of the days to come
- Social Media Account Gallery, where you can register yourself to be found by other users.

The app can be used free of charge, advertisements are displayed, which can be removed via In-App Purchase.
Another possibility to spend money is the entry in the Social Media Account Gallery. The normal entry is free of charge, but if you want to be at the top you can get a gold or diamond status. This will display your account above all normal ones, even if the entries are newer.

The app can be found in Google Play:
To the Batmob... Google Play

If someone wants to look at the app and has suggestions for improvement or finds errors, I would be very happy about a message.
Thanks in advance and have a nice day :)

main.png database.png gallery2.png