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hi every body

I actually creates an aplication for my colleague with 2 database for my work the problem is that the data that I have inserted in the database come from a csv file, and they are changable at each time, so every time must update the exel file to work I brings back home I converted to csv I create the new apk and send the new update this form of apk to colegue and I find it too heavy,
I want now is that I provided in the application is that of my colleague he enters the application, if I have done an update of the database they can receive the updated their base on the mobileI know it takes a exct server ... but I do not know how I do the steps I need only Dies bookstores and stepsI hope I was clear in my discription of problemmeI



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I think you better just upload the csv to a webserver and let them pull it in when they open the app.

now sure how much data it is and if you are doing anything fancy with it but if it is just listing I would just use the csv and don't insert it into an SQLite database.